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2015-2016 Catalog (Courses updated for 2016-2017)

Business: Real Estate (BRE)

BRE* E101 Introduction to Property Management of Supportive and Affordable Housing

This survey course is the first of the required courses in the Property Management Certificate Program. It provides an overview of the different types of multi-family affordable and supportive housing, including housing linked with social services. This course profiles the different populations living in affordable and supportive house and describes the role of supportive service personnel in aiding at-risk tenants. This course explores the different housing programs that pay for construction, rehabilitation and operating subsidies at the federal, state, and local levels. It covers applicable legal concerns such as the Fair Housing Law. While property managers must obey laws regarding their fiduciary obligations to their clients and customers, ethical standards often go beyond the letter of the law and reflect social and cultural concerns. Specific vocabulary, case studies, and writing assignments are an integral part of the course.

Prerequisite: ENG* E043 or College Ready for ENG* E101 Composition (ENG* E101 is required for Certificate)
  • Credits: 3

BRE* E102 Tenant Services and Communication

This course is designed to provide an overview and practice of the interpersonal skills needed for a clerical position in a supportive/affordable housing setting. It provides ways to understand as well as to interacting effectively with the different population living in supportive housing. It surveys the front desk activities; such as - professional politeness in person and on the telephone; problem identification; problem solving; as well as common procedures for oral and written communications and complaints. We will explore common procedures for referring tenants to social services. Specific vocabulary, case studies, and writing assignment are an integral part of the course.

Prerequisite: ENG*E101 and Introduction to Property Management of Supportive and Affordable Housing BRE*E101
  • Credits: 3

BRE* E105 Desk Clerk Operations

This course provides an overview of desk clerk operations, procedures, crisis and conflict, and security. It explores the role of the front desk and the responsibilities of the position in affordable and supportive housing. It covers the areas of the front desk policies, safety and security, interaction with external agencies and authorities, interaction with tenants and non-tenants, confidentiality issues, and maintenance. Utilizing the property management software (Tenant Pro or similar software would be a plus). Forms, case studies, and writing assignments are part of the course.

Prerequisites: ENG*E101 and BRE*E101 Introduction to Property Management of Supportive and Affordable Housing
  • Credits: 4

BRE* E199 Property Management Clerk Internship

This course is the final requirement for the Property Management Clerk Certificate. It is designed to enable students to combine classroom training with practical property management clerk work experience through on-the-job training in a supportive or affordable housing project setting. This course will cover legal, ethical, and performance concerns, as well as interviewing and job placement skills. Seminars are held to discuss experiences, concerns, and topical questions. Students are required to keep a Journal and prepare a portfolio which will include a resume and cover letter, letters of recommendations, and other pertinent documents required for job placement in supportive and affordable housing. A minimum number of hours of on-site time is required for this course. Internship placement must be approved by the Department Chair. Writing assignments (journal and other writing assignments) are an integral part of this course.

Prerequisite: ENG* E101, BRE* E101, BRE* E103, and BRE* E105
  • Credits: 4

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