Credit Courses

2015-2016 Catalog (Courses updated for 2016-2017)

Dance (DAN)

DAN* E125 Dance: Dance as Cultural Expression

This course is an introduction to the basic principles and techniques of modern dance and its relationship to human culture. Class work will introduce students to technical concepts involved in training the body in order to be an articulate expressive instrument. The course will cover the basic elements of dance including stretch, strength, coordination, building confidence, body awareness, cardiovascular, and dance vocabulary. The course will explore basic elements of composition and improvisation. We will focus on creating group presentations as a path to understanding dance as a form of cultural expression throughout history.

  • Credits: 3

DAN* E124 Dance: Movement & Expression

This course is an exploration of the basic techniques, styles, concepts, and composition of theatrical dance and movement. Emphasis will be placed on movement expression of emotion, intentions, gestures, and physical characterization. The use of music and theatrical texts will provide the foundation for the work.

  • Credits: 3
  • Elective Code: F

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