Credit Courses

2015-2016 Catalog (Courses updated for 2016-2017)

Humanities (HUM)

HUM* E119 Short Term Study Abroad

This course will give students the opportunity to experience diverse languages, customs and cultures, expanding their frame of reference and providing them with a new perspective on the world. By participating in the ?living classroom? students will experience a maximum cultural and educational exposure to a culture different from their own. *Student is responsible for all additional fees associated with travel costs. Financial aid may cover the cost of tuition of this course. Any expenses for travel, lodging, meals and incidentals are not covered by financial and must be borne by the student.

Prerequisite: ENG* E101
  • Credits: 3

HUM* E299 Independent Study in Humanities

Individual study of a special area, topic, theme or problem in the humanities by agreement with the instructor. All independent projects must be arranged in the semester prior to registration, with advance departmental approval and with the supervision of a full-time faculty member. For more information, see Independent Study Courses section.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor
  • Credits: 3
  • Elective Code: H

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