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2015-2016 Catalog (Courses updated for 2016-2017)

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General Studies: Foreign Language Concentration - Spanish (EB30fls)

The objective of the General Studies foreign language concentration is to provide students with an interest in foreign languages a recognizable avenue to explore those interests, to prepare students for possible transfer into a major or minor in foreign languages in a four year institution, and to prepare students for the modern, multicultural workplace.


  • Demonstrate proficiency in multiple languages.
  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in multiple communicative environments.
  • Develop necessary communication skills to become an active participant in our global society.
  • Student transfer to a baccalaureate degree program or enter job market with ability to communicate in multiple languages.

Suggested Sequence of Courses:
Prerequisite or parallel courses may be required. Please check individual course descriptions for details.

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester Total Credits:

1  Spanish course must be one of the following: SPA*E101, SPA*E102, SPA*E109, or SPA*E201.

2 Spanish course must be one of the following: SPA*E102, SPA*E109, SPA*E201, SPA*E202.

3 Foreign language elective must be one of the following: LATIN* E101, ITA* E101, FRE* E101, FRE* E102, FRE* E201

4 Spanish course must be one of the following: SPA* E201, SPA* E202, SPA* E251

5 Foreign language elective must be one of the following: LATIN* E102, ITA* E102, FRE* E102, FRE* E201, FRE* E202

Note: A student will need to complete 9 credits in a one foreign language and 6 credits in another.

Note: For degree completion the student must complete the Computer Literacy Requirement.

Note: A minimum of 15 credits must be taken in 200-level courses.

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