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2015-2016 Catalog (Courses updated for 2016-2017)

Associate in Science

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Pre-Environmental Science Concentration (EB48)

The goal of this program is to prepare environmental science majors to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program. Students have the opportunity to meet their first- and second-year program requirements in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, humanities, and social science courses. Students are advised to review the requirements of the transfer institution prior to course selection.


  • Understand the basic principles of the physical and/or natural sciences.
  • Perform a scientific experiment and interpret the results.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the major concepts of differential and integral calculus.
  • Have the ability to write and document a computer program.
  • Complete the general education courses in satisfaction of the associate degree requirements.

Suggested Sequence of Courses:
Prerequisite or parallel courses may be required. Please check individual course descriptions for details.

Freshman Year Sophomore Year Total Credits:

1 After consultation with an advisor, science electives should be chosen from BIO* E121, BIO* E122; CHE* E121, CHE* E122, CHE* E211, CHE* E212; PHY* E121, PHY*122, PHY*221, PHY*222.

2 MAT* E075, MAT* E095 not acceptable.

3 Restricted electives to be chosen after consultation with an advisor; recommended electives are appropriate mathematics and science courses.

4 Should be chosen from CSC* E106 or CSC* E205

Note: A minimum of 15 credits must be taken in 200-level courses.

Note: For degree completion the student must complete the Computer Literacy Requirement.

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