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2015-2016 Catalog (Courses updated for 2016-2017)

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Liberal Arts & Sciences: Psychology Transfer Concentration (EB45psy)

The Psychology Transfer Concentration provides a recommended sequence for those considering transfer to a Baccalaureate program in Psychology.

This transfer program parallels the core requirements of the first two years of most four-year colleges. The experiences in this area of academic study provide the foundation for specialization as a psychology major at a four year institution. Core courses and psychology electives prepare students to enter the upper level courses encountered upon transfer. Students are advised to review the requirements of the desired transfer institution prior to course selection.


  • Recognize and understand the relationship between individuals and their behavior.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  • Explain the scientific methodology used for behavioral scientific research.
  • Understand the basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate orally and in written form.
  • Students will respect and use critical and creative thinking and when possible the scientific method to solve problems related to behavior and mental processes.
  • Identify and understand the responsibilities of ethical decision making.
  • Recognize, understand, and respect diversity.
  • Develop insight into their own and others behavior and mental processes.
  • Students will receive a broad based liberal arts education.

Suggested Sequence of Courses:
Prerequisite or parallel courses may be required. Please check individual course descriptions for details.

Freshman Year Sophomore Year Total Credits:

1 Foreign Language Elective: Two semesters of the same language.

2 The science elective has to be a full year of a laboratory science.

3 All psychology electives should be based on student’s career objectives. It is recommended that selection of psychology electives be discussed with the program advisor, psychology faculty, or academic advisor prior to selection.

Note: A minimum of 15 credits must be taken in 200-level courses.

Note: For degree completion the student must complete the Computer Literacy Requirement.

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