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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial Design (EB66)*



Associate in Arts Degree


Campus contact for this program:
Professor John Favret, jfavret@housatonic.edu

The Industrial Design program provides students with skills necessary to pursue a career in a growing industry. Courses explore the design process through concepts, preliminary sketches, 3D modeling, and prototype construction. Design techniques range from traditional drawings to 3D models using the latest software programs. Training in critical thinking and problem solving will provide students with the skills required in the Industrial Design Industry.   


  • Build an ability to identify, analyze, and solve design problems.
  • Model the mastery of design tools, techniques, 3-D modeling software, and concepts in design.
  • Utilize an understanding of the aesthetics of form development and of the history and current state of design. 

  • Develop proficiency in selection and use of relevant technologies and computer software in design. Ability to use available technical and industrial processes to sketch, model, and produce a design product. Design and document the process of sketch to modeling to finish process. 

  • Elaborate and discuss an understanding of the cultural and societal connections linking design trends and processes as well as a knowledge of business practices and of the market place. 

  • Combine and formulate a proficiency in presenting work as well as discussing and constructively critiquing the work of others.