Sep 22, 2023  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Studies: Criminal Justice Concentration (EB30cj)*



Associate in Science Degree


Campus contact for this program:
Professor Samantha Mannion,

This concentration is designed to enable students with a demonstrated interest in the field of Criminal Justice to obtain a focused General Studies Degree in this discipline. Specifically, this degree concentration is geared toward students who solely wish to obtain the sixty college credits required to sit for most police department examinations. All other students with a demonstrated interest in this field are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Criminal Justice Parent Degree Program. Please consult a Criminal Justice Program faculty member for additional information.


  • Develop knowledge of law enforcement, court and correctional system, including knowledge of how these systems interact.
  • Develop knowledge of law as it impacts the criminal justice system.
  • Develop knowledge of psychological/sociological impacts on the criminal justice system.
  • Develop knowledge of historical/political impacts on the criminal justice system.
  • Develop an understanding of ethical issues and dilemmas that occur in criminal justice professions.

Suggested Sequence of Courses:

Prerequisite or parallel courses may be required. Please check individual course descriptions for details.

Total Credits: 60 - 62

CLICK HERE for important information regarding this program and Fall 2023 opening of Connecticut State Community College.  

1 Mathematics Elective:  While any math course numbered higher than 100 meets this requirement, higher level math courses are generally required by most 4-year colleges.  Must be higher than MAT* E137 to transfer to a Connecticut State University in a CSCU Transfer Degree.

2 It is recommended that the student take one year of a foreign language

NOTE: For degree completion the student must complete the Computer Literacy Requirement .

NOTE: A minimum of 15 credits must be taken in 200-level courses.

NOTE: Please read Expectations for Student Use of Computers in Courses here.