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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life & Activities


Student Life

Many activities and events enhance student life at Housatonic, making it a very special place. Student activities, events, and co-curricular programs enrich the total student educational experience by providing a broad range of social, cultural, and awareness events. Students who are involved in the planning and implementation of such activities have the opportunity to develop skills in human relations, group process, legislative procedures, program planning and evaluation, and financial management. Those who participate in college activities and events often develop lasting friendships with their fellow students and faculty. The Director of Student Life can be reached in the Student Life Office, on the 3rd floor in Beacon Hall BH-317 in the Student Activities area along with Student Clubs and the Student Senate offices.

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College Photo ID Cards

College Photo IDs are available to all registered students, faculty and staff. IDs provide access to some college services including the Wellness Center on the first floor of Beacon Hall. They are available through the Department of Public Safety. A current class schedule is required to obtain an HCC Photo ID.

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Student Senate

The Student Senate is the leadership and government arm of the student body. It represents the entire student body on matters relating to the welfare of students. Its committees and the clubs/organizations which it charters, offer social, cultural, and awareness activities funded by student activity fees. Procedures for scheduling these activities are available from the Director of Student Life and in the HCC College Policies section of the Catalog.

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Student Publications

Horizons, HCC’s student media outlet, is produced under the auspices of the college’s journalism program and funded with a combination of student activities fees and support from the Humanities Department. Students can also receive credit for their work on Horizons by registering for Publications Workshops classes. Student-led and student-produced, Horizons offers insights into the news, issues, and interests of our diverse community online throughout the academic year at www.housatonichorizons.com. In addition, twice a year, in collaboration with our Graphic Design program, Horizons also produces a full-color print magazine, free to the HCC community, that focuses on longer-form features and showcases some of HCC students’ best work.


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Student Clubs

College is more than just classes, homework and exams. It is making new friends, meeting new people and learning new skills.

Participating in Housatonic’s student activities can help students feel more at home. Students will find others with common interests, experience new things, and gain leadership and management skills.

Housatonic clubs are open to all registered students. Check the online calendar at the HCC website, watch for signs announcing meetings and events, or contact the faculty/staff advisors for information. Clubs plan speakers, films, trips, parties, social events and community service activities. All student clubs and organizations are required to have a faculty or staff advisor. Please contact the Student Life Office for an updated list of student clubs, organizations and their advisors or visit http://www.housatonic.edu/student-life/student-clubs.

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Activities & Events

If You Want to Plan or Publicize an Event

Any event planned by a student or student club or organization should comply with the policies, procedures, and guidelines as set forth by the Student Life Office and the Dean of Students. Student clubs are required to consult their faculty/staff advisors in the planning process, submit the appropriate and required forms for planning and room reservations, and receive final approval from the Director of the Student Activities. Events that do not follow these policies, procedures, and guidelines will be ineligible for funding through the Student Senate and may be subject to cancellation. All publicity by any student or student club or organization should be submitted to the Student Life Office for approval prior to distribution or posting. For more information, contact the Director of Student Life.

Scheduling Rooms for Activities

College areas may be used by any college club or organization for its activities. However, the limited number of rooms requires careful scheduling. To reserve a room, the advisor of the club must request the space using the Event Management System (EMS) on the college website. Areas are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, contact the Director of Student Life.

Housatonic also has facilities for outside groups to rent. Groups not affiliated with the college who wish to use college facilities should call 203-332-5080 for information.

Kiosks and Bulletin Boards

Kiosks and bulletin boards announcing items of importance are located throughout the campus. Official notices and announcements of coming events and many student activities are posted.

Fliers, notices, or posters pertaining to events or activities planned by student clubs and organizations must be approved and stamped by the Director of Student Life in BH-317 prior to posting. All unapproved student, club, or organization postings will be removed. If a student or outside contact wishes to post other materials unrelated to student activities or events, the materials must be approved through the Dean of Administration and Institutional Effectiveness.

Inviting Speakers to Campus

Any student club or organization recognized and funded by the Student Senate may request use of college facilities for meetings or events that include invitations to outside speakers or performers. Student clubs and organizations must comply with the college’s Policy for Inviting Speakers to Campus, in the Student Activities Handbook. The speaker and event must have the approval of the club membership and the club advisor, and the requesting club or organization must complete the required paperwork. Speaker-related events that do not comply with the campus speaker policy may be subject to cancellation. A copy of this policy is available in the policies section or from the Director of Student Life or the Dean of Students Office.

Charging Admission

Student organizations may not charge admission to events without prior approval of the Dean of Students or Director of Student Life. The determination of admission charges will be based upon: 1) the organization’s budget provided from the Student Activity Fund and 2) the projected cost of the event. It is expected that all events will provide social and cultural opportunities.

Using Housatonic’s Name

Only recognized student clubs and organizations may use the name, sponsorship and facilities of the college. Prior authorization is required.

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Housatonic’s main cafeteria in Lafayette Hall overlooks the courtyard containing the sculpture garden. The grill offers sandwiches, snacks, and hot meals. An additional, smaller cafeteria is located in Beacon Hall BH-142. Cafeteria hours are subject to change. Check the cafeteria bulletin board for specific hours. Vending machines located in both buildings have sodas and snacks. The sculpture garden has picnic tables and is a pleasant place to eat when the weather permits.

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Campus Bookstore

Your required course materials can be purchased at the Follett Bookstore in Beacon Hall on the HCC campus in room BH-137. The bookstore also carries general supplies, art and lab supplies, trade and reference books, computer peripherals, gift cards, and HCC apparel and gifts. A few bookstore services include; a gift card Price Match program on textbooks, a Buyback program where students can sell their textbooks back to the store at the end of the semester, extended return dates for the fall and spring semesters, bus pass sale and distribution on behalf of HCC, graduation cap and gown pick up, and a full service online web site.

During the first two weeks of classes, the bookstore has extended hours. Students should check the bookstore web site (www.hctc.bkstr.com), the bulletin board outside the bookstore, or call 203-335-2949 for current hours of operation.

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Parking and Public Safety


Free parking is available for students in the parking garage while they are engaged in college-related activities. Enter the garage from Lafayette Boulevard, a parking hang tag is required in order to park in the garage. The Garage Security Office issues hang tags upon verification of registration, a valid auto registration and proof of insurance are required.

Park in the student area of the garage; other sections are reserved for faculty and staff members. The speed limit in the garage is 5 mph.

Handicapped parking is available on all floors in the garage. All handicapped parking areas are restricted to individuals with current Connecticut handicapped certificates.

Temporary Special Parking permits are available for short-term parking needs (resulting from an injury, surgery, etc.). Contact the Director of Public Safety, located in Lafayette Hall LH-A105.

Housatonic assumes no responsibility for vehicles or the contents therein which are parked on College property. Parking is strictly at the owner’s risk.

Public Safety

The Public Safety Offices are located in Lafayette Hall LH-A105, and in Beacon Hall BH-110. There are satellite Public Safety Offices located throughout the campus.

Security patrols both the campus and the parking garage.

The Police Officers, Building and Grounds Patrol Officers, and Security Guards will assist students in security-related matters, including providing an escort for any person that requests one. Stop by the office or call Public Safety for more information about escorts or any of the security functions.

Please assist security in keeping Housatonic a safe place by taking common sense precautions. Always place valuables in your car’s trunk and lock your car while it is in the parking garage. Carry only what you need for class and make sure you keep your valuables with you at all times when on campus.

Call the Department of Public Safety at 203-332-5025 or dial ** from any of the voice over IP phones located throughout the campus to report any suspicious person or activity you may see. You may also use the “Blue Light” intercom stations located throughout the campus to report any suspicious persons or activity you may see.

In accordance with state and federal regulations, the Public Safety Department publishes an annual campus crime report and security procedures which are available on the web at www.housatonic.edu. The report (College Clery Report) is available each September for the preceding calendar year.

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