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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SUR* E110 - Operating Room Techniques (4 credits)

Prerequisite(s): MAT* 100 higher ,MED* E125 ,  BIO* E119 ; all with a C+ or higher
Corequisite(s): SUR* E109 , SUR* E111  
This course is a theoretical introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the surgical technologist, the healthcare team, and the surgical environment. The course teaches basic principles of aseptic technique, fundamentals of surgical technology, and patient care concepts. This course incorporates surgical scrub, gowning, gloving, case preparation, patient care, and safety. This course prepares students for entry level into the surgical environment. Corequisites SUR* E109  and SUR* E111 . Course Outline: SUR 110