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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Social Work Studies (EG10)

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Becoming Connecticut State Community College …

STUDENTS: The Community Colleges are undergoing a merger with a plan to become Connecticut State Community College in fall 2023; please work closely with your advisor/program coordinator to select your courses accordingly. CLICK HERE   for more detail about this exciting transition! 


Associate in Arts Degree


Campus contact for this program:
Professor Claudine Coba-Loh, CCoba-Loh@hcc.commnet.edu
Ms. Debbie Kuchmas, Transfer Counselor, DKuchmas@housatonic.edu

With this degree you will be able to transfer to the following majors:

At Central Connecticut State University:
  • Social Work, B.A.
At Eastern Connecticut State University: 
  • Social Work, B.A.††
At Southern Connecticut State University:
  • Social Work, B.S.†††
At Western Connecticut State University:
  • Social Work, B.A.††††
At Charter Oak State College:
  • Social Work, B.A.

In order to graduate and be guaranteed admission to a State University or to Charter Oak State College, you must earn an overall 2.0 grade point average.

Here is the recommended course of study for the Social Work Studies Transfer Degree. If you are studying part time, simply follow the order of the courses listed here. Note that not all courses will be available every semester. You will notice that in many instances you will be able to choose the specific course you will take from within a category. For a list of the courses from each category that you can choose from, go to PDF_CSCU Transfer Electives .

If you considering an Associate Degree in Human Services (EB35)   in order to obtain certification for a career, please see Professor Keane as soon as possible. Good, informed advising can help you select 45-60 credits worth of classes that fulfill both the HSE Associate degree and the CSCU Pathway Social Work Studies degree.


TAP Application Info

  • Begin the transfer application process in your third semester or the semester before you plan to graduate. FAFSA becomes available October 1.

Suggested Sequence of Courses:

Prerequisite or parallel courses may be required. Please check individual course descriptions for details.

Total Credits: 61

You are free to choose any courses at or above 100-level to complete unrestricted electives, although you may need to use these credits to take courses that prepare you for required courses in the degree program. You should also consider using unrestricted electives to meet foreign language requirements for your programs or to begin work on completing a minor. Central Connecticut State University will require that you complete a minor by earning at least 18 credits in one area outside your major field. You can also complete other General Education requirements for CCSU, SCSU, WCSU, and COSC-but not ECSU. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor to determine which courses to select.

HCC does not offer this course. In order to complete the Social Work Studies CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree at HCC, you will need to take this course online or at another campus. Either of these options may have prerequisites that will need to be taken into account using your Unrestricted Electives. Your advisor will be able to help you determine which courses to take.

3 Courses in this category will fulfill an additional general education requirement in all of the CSCU baccalaureate programs referenced above. Speak with your advisor about other possible choices. 

Choose one course from: HSE* E202 HSE* E243 HSE* E291 HSE* E292  

NOTE: In order to graduate and be guaranteed admission to a State University or to Charter Oak State College, you must earn an overall 2.0 grade point average. See below for specific admission requirements.

For admission to CCSU’s Social Work program: (1).Minimum overall GPA of 2.70, which includes both CCSU grades and grades for courses taken at other institutions. (2) Minimum overall GPA of 2.70 for the following introductory Social Work courses and related requirements (Program GPA): Community College SOC 103/201, HSE 101/SOC 235, SOC 101, BIO 115, POL 111, & MAT 167/MAT 201/MAT 165/MAT 168; AND CCSU SW 225, SW 227, SOC 233, & ECON 200. Each of these courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C+. (3) A minimum score of 2 (emerging) on the Potential for Professional Competence for Generalist Social Work Practice Scale in each of the following CSWE (2015) competencies: 1.1, 1.3 2.1. (4) A minimum score of 3 or higher in every category of the Volunteer Experience Evaluation for HSE 101/SOC 235 and SW 227. HSE 101/SOC 235, and SW 227. The Transfer Student Reference Form may be substituted for field experiences from other colleges. Applications to the Social Work Program are accepted three times a year with deadlines of August 1st, October 1st, and March 1st. Students must submit an admission portfolio electronically to Taskstream. Pre-major students are required to submit electronic evidences at various points in their training. Therefore, a Taskstream account is required for pre-major students. It is the responsibility of the student to purchase a Taskstream subscription and to have that subscription activated during any semester in which the submission of electronic evidence is required. The Taskstream subscription rate will be provided once students transfer and are accepted to CCSU. Students must attend the application and admission to the social work major orientation to meet with social work faculty. The ideal time to apply to the Program is when the applicant is enrolled in SW 227 at CCSU. For TAP Transfer Students, this should be in the first semester at CCSU. (These admission requirements are provisional as of 1 May 2016; they should be approved and ratified during the Fall 2016 term.) 

†† For admission to ECSU’s Social Work program: Admission to the Social Work Program is competitive and is not guaranteed by admission to Eastern Connecticut State University. Applications for the social work major are due on January 31 each year for students expecting to graduate in May, two years following application. Applications received after that date are reviewed as space is available in the junior class. The online application must be completed in one session (you cannot log out of your computer, save your work, or return to a survey that has been submitted). The application is linked to: http://www1.easternct.edu/socialwork/admissions/. You should prepare the following documents to be uploaded with your application: (1) Application Essay (2) Resume (optional) (3) Supplemental information regarding community standards (if relevant) (4) Transcripts from all higher education institutions attended (see instructions) (5) Professional Reference

††† For admission to SCSU’s Social Work program: Students interested in majoring in social work must complete a two-step admission process. Initially, students must be accepted into the University by the Admissions Office. Then, application is made for admission to the Bachelor’s of Social Work Program in the spring semester prior to the fall semester in which students anticipate enrolling in 300-level social work courses. Applications are available on the Department of Social Work website. The Department of Social Work admissions application deadline is March 1. Students who plan to apply to both SCSU and the BSW Program for a Fall semester date may need to complete both admission processes simultaneously. For optimal consideration for acceptance into the program, you must express your intent to apply prior to the March 1 admissions application deadline by emailing the BSW Coordinator.

†††† For admission to WCSU’s Social Work program: Social work majors must earn at least a “C+” in all designated major courses to have the course credit apply to the degree program. Students must apply for junior and senior program status following a group advisement session (for potential Juniors in late fall preceding the registration period for spring semester; for potential Seniors in spring semester of the junior year). Transfer students are required to interview with the department chair to arrange for meeting the above criteria. The Junior standing class is limited to 45 Social Work majors. In the event that applications that meet minimum requirements exceed 45 majors, the 45 students with the top GPAs in Social Work Major Requirements will be given first preference, with university GPA serving as Social Work GPA tiebreaker.

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