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2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Where to Go for Help

When classes are in session, campus offices are generally open between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Some offices are open later. Please check with the individual office for specific hours. During the day, contact the Information Desk for general information. During evening hours, contact the Evening Division Office, BH-116, for assistance with advising, adding or dropping a class, and other information. Call the information desks at 332-5196 (Lafayette Hall) 332-4100 (Beacon Hall).

LH offices are in Lafayette Hall
offices are in Beacon Hall

Absences from class Your Instructor
Academic Calendar www.housatonic.edu
Academic Matters LH-A204a
Academic Standing LH-B109
Academic Support LH-B118
Accidents - Student LH-A110 or LH-A105, BH-110
Admissions LH-A106
Affirmative Action LH-A203
Bookstore BH-137
Bursar LH-A104
Burt Chernow Galleries LH-A112
CAP Assessment LH-A227
Career Development LH-A111
Center for Academic Progress (CAP) LH-227
Change of Name or Address LH-B109
Change of Program LH-A111
Computer Labs Lab Assistants
Continuing Education BH-274
Counseling - Personal LH-A108
Disabilities Support Services LH-B116b
Discrimination LH-A203
Discipline LH-A110
Dropping a Course LH-B109
Early Childhood Laboratory School LH-B137
Employment (off-campus) LH-A108
Employment (work-study) LH-A102
Evening Division BH-116
Faculty Offices: Information Desk or www.housatonic.edu
Faculty Office Hours www.housatonic.edu
Financial Aid LH-A102
Financial Emergency Assistance LH-A110 or Foundation Office, LH-B127
Grades & Records LH-B109
Graduation - Evaluation & Requirements LH-B109
Grievances LH-A110
HCC Foundation Office LH-B127
Housatonic Museum of Art Office LH-B112
Identification Cards BH-317
Illness or Immunizations LH-A110
Inappropriate Conduct LH-A110, or LH-A105, BH-110
International Students Admissions LH-A106
Library Services LH-B114
Lost & Found LH-A105, BH-110
Manufacturing Center Office LH-C107
Men’s Center BH-325
Parking Tags, Student LH-A105 or Parking Garage Office
Placement Testing Scheduling LH-B119, LH-B116
President LH-A201
Public Relations LH-A201
Registration Procedures LH-B109
Regulations, College LH-A110
Scheduling of non-College Events BH-317
Scholarship Info LH-A108 or Foundation, LH-B127
Security LH-A105, BH-110
Student Activities/Authorization BH-317
Student Health Insurance LH-A110
Student Senate/Clubs BH-317
Testing Services LH-B116
Transcripts LH-B109
Transfer to other Colleges LH-A108
Transfer from other Colleges LH-A106
Tuition & Fees LH-A104
Tutoring LH-A227, LH-B116
Veteran’s Affairs LH-B109
Withdrawing (Course or College) LH-B109
Women’s Center BH-371
Writing Across the Curriculum LH-B120


www.housatonic.edu is loaded with helpful information.
Visit www.housatonic.edu for information on admissions, programs, registration, academic calendar, calendar of events, phone and email directory, and more!

Floor Plans

Lafayette Hall (LH)

All room numbers in Lafayette Hall are preceded by a letter (A, B, C) indicating the wing of the building. Floor locations are indicated by the numeral 1 for the first floor and 2 for the second. For example: C232 is located on the second floor in the “C” wing.

Lafayette Hall will undergo renovations during the 2016-2017 academic year. Please be advised that some office locations on the floor plans may be reassigned during the year.

Beacon Hall (BH)

Room numbers in Beacon Hall are indicated simply by a number. The first number of the room indicates the floor it is on. For example: 317 is located on the third floor.